Last week, the Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) launched ‘Evriwan Kakai’, an initiative to support vulnerable people and communities with fresh, tasty local food.

The concept, which is to be centred around the Red Cross (KaiKai Haus) cafe in Chinatown, is to give patrons of the cafe the option to pay a little more for their lunches, should they wish, with the balance going towards providing free cooked meals for those in need.

The cafe has been a favourite among a very diverse range of customers, and is one of the few places in Honiara that provides food that is healthy, local, fresh and affordable. Secretary General Clement Manuri said of the initiative that while it is one that is focused on encouraging individuals and families to eat local food it also an initiative that helps extend the services of the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society to the most vulnerable in Society.

“This is a great initiative that will help encourage our people to eat more local fresh food. On the other hand, it is also an initiative that will help ensure those who are vulnerable and are in need are supported, which is the humanitarian work of the Red Cross. This is with providing them with meal of local fresh food”, Mr. Manuri said.

Meanwhile, the National Society is looking to begin the roll out of the initiative beginning in October next Month. “With the great support from our partners involved, we are looking to begin the roll out of this wonderful initiative in October”, Mr. Manuri further added.

The Red Cross’ work here in the Solomon Islands has been ongoing since 1983, with teams of staff and volunteers working tirelessly to increase the resilience of communities and ensure that vulnerable people within our society are supported. Primarily a humanitarian organisation, the SIRC has most recently been contributing to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services’ Covid-19 response, including vaccination administration, information dissemination and assistance to students and other citizens stranded overseas.

Source: Red Cross