Solomon Islands recruiting agents for the Australian Seasonal Workers Program have now received official certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

The certificate allows the recruiting agents to begin recruiting locals to work as seasonal labourers for farms in Australia.

Speaking during the official agreement signing of the agents this week, Acting Deputy Trade Director, Jack O'oi says it is critical that the agents abide by the agreement's terms.

The Acting Deputy Trade Director also warned against breaches of the agreement saying it would mean immediate termination of his or her recruiting contract.

The local recruiting agents to the Australian Seasonal Workers Program include Allen Sepe Agasi of Rosmat Enterprise, Jeremy Rua of Tribal Trading Company, Peter Kakamo of Grasrut Employment Management Service, and Tony Kwarafi of Islander Workforce.

Meanwhile, a Government delegation leaves the country tomorrow to attend the Australia Seasonal Worker Program Conference in Sydney, Australia.

The annual conference brings together the scheme's partners, including Pacific recruiting agents and Australian farming companies to discuss issues relating to the seasonal labour scheme.

International organisations, including the World Bank will also be represented at the Sydney Conference.