A Guadalcanal leader has spoken out strongly in support of RAMSI remaining in the country and describing any move to force RAMSI to leave Solomon Islands as untimely.

The Chairman of HOKOLA land owners association in the Central Guadalcanal, Simon Tonavi said this when he delivered his speech during the ground breaking ceremony with the Pheonix International Company limited on Wednesday this week.

The ground breaking ceremony took place in Valu Village in Central Guadalcanal.

Commenting on why it is untimely for RAMSI to go, he said that the only reason why there are investors willing to come into the country is because of the presence of RAMSI which is providing security after bringing back normalcy to the country after the tension.

"Today we can see both foreign investors and locals going into business in the country and the economy is becoming vibrant because there is liberty for them to freely run their businesses" Tonavi said.

"We the people of Central Guadalcanal as a whole want RAMSI to stay. It has been because of RAMSI that our schools and other institutions are operating back with out fear. The nation as whole must come to the same mind that RAMSI must remain in the the country for as long as we need them," he said.

He reiterated that without security in the country there will be no economic development as obvious by the resumption of Gold Ridge Minining, Guadalcanal Palm Oil Limited, and the emergence of the South Pacific Oil. They are here because of the peace, law and order in the country, which RAMSI has brought back.

Mr. Tonavi is a former Member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly for the VULOLO ward, which include Valu village where the ground breaking ceremony took place.

Source: National Express