RAMSI pledges to help rebuild and strengthen Solomon Islands in partnership with the government and people of the nation.

Speaking at the World Anti-Corruption Day yesterday, RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George, said that RAMSI over the five years in the Solomons have helped to get rid of guns, restore law and order, re-establish good governance and "help you fight against corruption."

He emphasized that much progress has been done, the guns are gone, and the rule of law is being re-established.

Mr. George adds, "We could not stand here today if this was not the case but much needs to be done."

He said that Solomon Islands and its people are still facing major obstacles in the journey towards a peaceful and prosperous nation, "chief amongst the obstacles faced is corruption."

With many attendees during yesterday's commemoration, Mr. George said, "I believe that the role corruption played in nearly destroying your beloved country is one of the reasons many of you turn out today in support of the fighting of corruption."

He said that he was very pleased to be in Solomon Islands and commemorating the important occasion.

He acknowledged the hard work that Transparency Solomon Islands has put into organizing the event and in their work raising awareness of corruption more generally.

As the RAMSI's Special Coordinator, he said that RAMSI is always happy to support these efforts as part of the partnership with the wider Solomon Islands community.

Referring to corruption, Mr. George emphasized that it is where the RAMSI can have the most impact if the people of the country choose to take up the unique opportunity to work together with them to rebuild the nation for the betterment of the future.

To have an anti-corrupt nation, Mr. George stated that a country should have good governance.

"Both corruption and anti-corruption stops and starts with you, the people of Solomon Islands," he said.

Mr. Tim assured everyone that "RAMSI will always be here to help in making the best choice for the people and the nation."