The new RAMSI Special Coordinator Mrs Justine Braithwaite vows to use her appointment to advocate for the prevention of family and gender based violence in Solomon Islands.

“I am conscious of how lucky I am, being the first female RAMSI Special Coordinator, I would like to use this opportunity to raise awareness on social issues,” she told the National Broadcaster.

Mrs Braithwaite explains that violence against women is not just a women's issue but an issue for everybody as it affects people's health, human rights, development and the country's economic growth.

“I'd like to take the opportunity of my leadership role of RAMSI certainly to work with Solomon Islands Government in its effort to, not only address the high level of incidences of domestic violence, but also to promote a broader view of gender equality.”

RAMSI was set up in 2003 to help restore order in Solomon Islands after five years of bitter conflict between rival militant groups.

The mission has been hailed a success for restoring peace, law and order, and for its ongoing efforts to strengthen government and rebuild the economy.