RAMSI Assistant Special Coordinator Masi Lomaloma today thanked the Marshall Islands for its valuable contribution to the work of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

Speaking on the occasion of Marshall Islands National Day, Mr Lomaloma said he wanted to say Kommol Tata or thank you very much to Marshall Islands for its strong and consistent contribution of police personnel to the mission.

"I know the genuine friendship and support extended to Solomon Islands by Marshall Islands through the mission is greatly appreciated both by RAMSI and also by Solomon Islands," Mr Lomaloma said.

Marshall Islands is also celebrating its second anniversary as a contributing county member of RAMSI this month and currently has one police officer in the mission.
"We thank Marshall Islands for continuing to support the work of RAMSI in Solomon Islands by contributing some of its best and brightest citizens to the mission."

Mr Lomaloma said that RAMSI was particularly appreciative of the experience and professionalism that Marshall Islands police officers bring to the mission.
"The officers from the Marshall Islands Police Force bring with them a wealth of experience of policing in communities that have a lot of similarities to communities here in Solomon Islands, in terms of custom, culture and religion.

"So contributions like Marshall Islands' add a real depth to the mission and really enhance RAMSI's ability to do its job effectively in partnership with Solomon Islands. "I know this is something that not only RAMSI but Solomon Islanders greatly appreciate"