The Parliamentary Foreign Relations committee this week began its consultations on the review of the RAMSI Facilitation Act with Provincial Premiers.

Yesterday the Premier for Malaita Province, Mr. Richard Irosaea mentioned that Malaita would like to see clear statements on RAMSI's mission to Solomon Islands.

According to the Malaita Premier, Malaitans know RAMSI only as a body to restore 'Law and Order'.

He explained that RAMSI should further explain to the people what RAMSI does besides 'Law and Order'.

Premier Irosaea also stated that the local police should be provided with more training on law and order by their RAMSI counterpart to give the local provincial police the same level of confidence.

"Malaita has now stabilized with regards to high criminal activities since RAMSI however, there have been drugs and home brew reports and many people are still complaining on the lack of arrest.

"The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) is not yet equipped to take charge by themselves," said Premier Irosaea.

He applauded RAMSI for the improvements on their Provincial administration and finance, "especially on audits" and for the many good works done in the Province.