Solomon Islands Government has expressed satisfaction with RAMSI's current transition process but wants the regional intervention mission to share information on the costs of its development programs.

RAMSI's three development pillars - machinery of government, economic governance, and law and justice - will be transferred to bilateral and other donors by July next year.

RAMSI also plans to withdraw its military component in the second half of 2013 and focus only on supporting policing from that date.

The time frames were highlighted at the Sixth Forum Ministerial Standing Committee Meeting on RAMSI in Honiara last Friday.

Speaking to the media after their Meeting, Foreign Affairs Minister Clay Forau said RAMSI's transition is progressing smoothly but called on the mission to be transparent about its spending on development assistance programs to ensure that there is proper government budgeting post RAMSI.

Minister Forau had issued the same call during the Forum Ministerial Standing Committee Meeting.