Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Tim George, stated in a luncheon yesterday that the immunity given to RAMSI personal is a necessary component to the effective delivery of RAMSI's functions.

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by RAMSI, at the Pacific Islands News Association Conference, Special Coordinator Tim George says the mission's functions may be undermined, delayed or impeded if there are no immunity provisions.

"The mission's immunities does not give RAMSI personnel the authority to break the law and are not intended to benefit individuals" Mr George said. "Most importantly, it needs to be remembered that the immunity provisions are subject to the Solomon Islands Constitution - the Act does not provide immunity in respect of actions that might infringe the constitution."

Mr George says because of this scrutiny, RAMSI personnel are held to a higher level of conduct than would be the case back in their own home countries.

Mr George went on to say that The Regional Assistance Mission puts effort and energy into making sure members of the mission respect Solomon Islands culture, institutions, laws, personnel and protocols.