A RAMSI consultative meeting convenes in Honiara today.

The Enhanced Consultative Mechanism meeting E-C-M will discuss issues concerning the operations of RAMSI and indicate mechanisms of strengthening relationships between the three parties.

The meeting will take place between the three partners, the Solomon Islands Government, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, and the Pacific Islands Forum.

This is the second meeting between the three partners in the Mission this year and since Pacific Islands Forum Leaders endorsed the recommendations of the RAMSI Review Forum Taskforce Report during the Leaders' meeting in Tonga last October.

A Forum Ministerial Standing Committee (F-M-S-C) Meeting will follow on Thursday.

Participants include senior officials representing the Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and four other Forum members.

It is expected that the meetings will receive updates on the operations of RAMSI, updates on implementation of the Pacific Islands Forum RAMSI Review Report and the reporting process for RAMSI Reports to the Forum Leaders.

Furthermore, it is expected that the meetings will discuss the SIG/RAMSI Partnership Framework and work out procedures for collective implementation of this Framework.