The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) along with the Solomon Islands National Parliament co-hosted a function at the Parliament premises last Saturday to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the partnership between RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government.

The Speaker to the National Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea and RAMSI's Special Coordinator, Tim George co-hosted the function.

The function was attended by RAMSI's participating foreign officials, officials from the Pacific Islands Forum, members of the Diplomatic Corp, Prime Minister Dr.Derek Sikua and Ministers of the Crown, Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer, Provincial Premiers and other invited guests.

Sir Peter Kenilorea said when addressing the occasion that since becoming Speaker to the National Parliament, this is the first time he has seen an occasion well organized at the Parliament complex.

Sir Peter in his address acknowledged the work done by Sir Allan Kemakeza who was in office in 2003 as the Prime Minister and who helped out in developing the partnership that brought foreign countries into the country to restore law and order which had vanished during the recent civil unrest.

Kenilorea also upheld the commitment that the Solomon Islands Government had in its partnership with regional neighbouring countries through RAMSI.

Sir Peter said the occasion should not be misrepresented in connection with the current review of the Facilitation Act by the Parliament's Foreign Relations Commissioner.

Sir Peter said the occasion is purposely to commemorate five years during which our neighbours had come into the country to help us and have been working together with the Government during that period.

The Speaker described the occasion on Saturday night as a fitting occasion to mark the five years partnership between RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government.

In response, the Forum representative based in Honiara, Dr. Leslie Korovavala said that the Forum countries are always committed to helping their neighbour.

RAMSI's Special Coordinator Tim George and the Prime Minister Dr.Derek Sikua also reaffirmed their commitment to the partnership by RAMSI and the people of Solomon Islands through their government.

Prime Minister Dr. Sikua also paid tribute to the late Forum Secretary General Greg Erwin whist acknowledging the partnership between Solomon Islands and RAMSI through the Forum.