The current ongoing bad weather experienced in the Solomons is "becoming annoying".

This is according to the general public approached who complain that their laundry baskets are "overflowing" and movement around the city restricted.

Heavy downpour has been in the country since last month, December, and ongoing over the past few weeks.

Going around Honiara, people are dodging the pools of water, added with mud all over, as they make their way around the city.

"I am not one for umbrellas so the rain is sort of annoying as it disturbs my movements around town to get stationary as school starts next week," a young student, Joe Manu Abu told Solomon Times.

Workers approached said getting into the office on time in the mornings is all about push and shove for space in the buses.

"Waking up later than half-7 in the morning means sacrificing money for a cab ride so that you're in the office early," a young female worker said.

This is especially for workers who are dependent on public transport, in particular buses on the road.

Solomon Times took time out on the streets to be welcomed by a near-empty Honiara city as most prefer being tucked up indoors.

Meanwhile, sellers at the Central Market are complaining that the ongoing bad weather is affecting their business.

They said having to travel a long way in open trucks from their pick-up point to the city is not a pleasant thing to bear daily.

"This is not only about us getting wet in the rain but we have to go through high waters and it's risky for us but this is how we make our money so we just have to bear with it," a seller who lives in Tamboko village outside of west Honiara said.

Having to cross five low-lying bridges with water overflowing is the ride that they take from Tamboko to Honiara Central Market as the weather gets bad by the day.

But the bad weather is welcomed by those providing public transportation, who say this is a boost to their income.

Cab driver, Charles Marou, said that rainy season means more income for their business.

He said some clients who depend entirely on public transport often, on a rainy day hire a cab for a whole day to run their errands.

"This is good for us because these passengers use us for both long and short distance runs," Mr. Marou said.

The ongoing bad weather is predicted to continue for the next two weeks.