Technical staff of the Ministry of Aviation has taken swift action on yesterday to conceal a big hole at the centerline runway of Munda airport.

The hole believed to be created by a recent earthquake in the area was located 800m from the 25 threshold and 400m from the threshold of runway 07.

A report from the team noted that the entire foundation of the airstrip is believed to be deteriorating rapidly as the airstrip's "foundation of tree trunks have not been able to withstand the pressure and thus creating vacuum."

The team, with help from a local contractor, will carry out a thorough assessment and will subsequently fill the hole with stones from the pit to a height of 50 centimeters.

The team will further compact the hole with sand and gravel before sealing it with cement of 3 inches from the surface. It is understood that the use of coconut trunks as the base of the foundation may have contributed to the sudden deterioration of the air field, exposed only by the earthquake.

The report said the action is a temporary measure to allow operations while government is considering speeding up the upgrading of Munda airport.

Press Release (Government Communication Unit)