The Government has been accused of playing double standards over its decision to grant goods tax remission to those that lost properties during the recent tsunami.

This statement was made by the Secretary of the Solomon Islands Chinese Association Mr. Mathew Quan. "I was furious to read in one of the local papers that the Finance Minister has amended guidelines covering the granting of goods tax exemptions" Mr Quan said. "What really annoyed me is that it only covers businesses affected by the earth quake but not the Chinatown burning"

The secretary questions where the justice to the Chinese citizens of this country was. "Why were they treated differently?" Mr. Quan said. "we made attempts to seek ways to assist our members, however the government did not even bother to reply our letters"

Mr Quan went on to say that they are here for the long run. "We and some of other business have been in this country for more than 50 years" Mr Quan said. "Please do not treat us differently, we want the government to extend the granting of remission to the property owners of Chinatown", said Quan.