As a result of the looting and riots over the past two days, public servants are today without pay.

It is understood government employees at the Ministry of Finance responsible for processing government salary have not yet returned to work.

Sources say the closure of some or all operations at the Finance Ministry will take time to resume. Although the lockdown ended at 7am this morning, there are still reports of looting and burning of shops at the Ranadi area, East of Honiara.

The defiance to the Prime Minister’s lockdown orders looks likely to continue, with crowds said to be re-grouping in various parts of East Honiara.

Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the civil unrest and public looting, government employees have not been asked to return to work.

Bred Bank is the only bank said to be open today, along with a handful of shops in West Honiara.

Reports are emerging that a group is trying to make it to point cruz, going behind the police check point at the town council rounabout.