Public Officers around the country are again advised to avoid disclosing official matters to the media without approval from responsible government authorities.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Ishmael Avui issued the advisory in a Public Service Circular to all Government Ministries on Tuesday.

The Government Communications Unit quotes Mr Avui as saying that public officers wishing to express their views on issues related to the Government must seek prior approval from the Permanent Secretary for Public Service through their respective Permanent Secretaries.

It says the advisory covers all Solomon Islands Government Public Officers working in the country or traveling and working overseas.

The Unit says Solomon Islands Public Service Procedures prohibits Public Officers from disclosing through publication or broadcast, information on issues that may harm the political, security or administrative interests of the government.

Mr Avui however explained that Public Officers can use the media to express their views on subjects of personal interest, not connected in any way to official duties relating to political or administrative matters.

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