Constitutional Congress members of the Public Finance and Revenue Sharing Theme Committee are continuing their series of meetings since commencement on Monday 29th September 2008 as part of the Congress' work.

As outlined in the committee's principle guidelines for the Revenue Theme Committee, the work focus of the theme committee is to consider what should be included in the new constitution from a fiscal perspective.

Tentatively the committee will be focusing on a fiscal decentralisation plan, and in the first meeting, members of the committee pointed out that to fully understand what comprises the fiscal environment of Solomon Islands, they will call on experts and current-experienced professionals to give advice in this area. This is so that they are aware of the workings of the fiscal environment now, before projecting that of federalism.

Issues surrounding revenue sharing and public finance of the proposed federal arrangement will be looked at by the committee members, as well as taking on board professional and expert views.

The committee consists of the following members, Warren Paia (Chairman), Walton Naezon (Vice Chairman), Danny Philip, Phyllisca Fate, Daniel Ho'ota, Rt. Rev. Lazarus Munamua, Fr. John Gerea and Matthew Chan.