Government says members of the public are encouraged to comment on Government Bills before they are finally put through the parliamentary process.

A press statement from the office of the Prime Minister quoted the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, John Keniapisia as saying that Government Caucus had resolved that it wants to see further consultations on Bills.

Mr. Keniapisia says all proposed Government Bills have been negotiated and scrutinised through Government Caucus.

Mr. Keniapisia says two Bills in particular, the Political Parties Integrity Bill and the Enabling Constitutional Amendment Bill have now been passed through Cabinet after thorough scrutiny by Government Caucus.

He says both Bills are ready to go through the normal parliamentary process.

Mr. Keniapisia says with the endorsement by Speaker to Parliament, the Bills will be put through the Bills and Legislation committee.

He says prior to that, the consultative process are done through public hearings.

One is by parliamentary constitutional committee public hearing, the other by Bills and Legislative committee and Independent observers opinions and the other is through external political and constitutional experts from PNG, Australia, Vanuatu and Hawaii.

He says the media is encouraged to do detail coverage of the Bills as part of transparency and educating the public.

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