Government will engage in further consultation with the public on the proposed Political Party Integrity Bill and a supporting constitutional amendment bill which it intends to table in the current sitting of Parliament.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister, John Keniapasia, says government Caucus has made a decision to further consult on the proposed legislation following criticisms from the public and the Parliamentary Opposition, that not enough awareness was made.

Mr Keniapasia says the planned consultations will take the form of public forums, radio talk back shows and public awareness programs through various media outlets.

He says members of the public who are interested in taking part in the consultation should get a copy of the draft bills from the Prime Mnister's Office, the Parliament Website or from the Attorney General Chambers, in readiness for the consultation and public awareness programs.

Mr Keniapasia says the Political Party Integrity Bill and the supporting Constitutional Amendment Bill are among eight bills that government is yet to table in this current sitting of Parliament.

He says the current sitting of Parliament will go into recess in the second week of August, and resume sitting in late September to allow for consultation on the proposed bills to take place.

But he says adequate consultation on the need for legislating political integrity has already been made through the widespread publication of government's white paper which the Prime Minister had tabled in Parliament and through the report of the April 18 Honiara riots Commission of Inquiry.

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