The famous Top 10 membership club near the Kukum Traffic Centre is again causing grievances to nearby residents.

Houses along Kukum area close to the club have complained of loud music even way after 2am.

Secretary of Liquor Licensing Board, Matthew Takiba, said that the Top Ten club owner has been repeatedly warned to abide by the law.

He said that while Top Ten has a valid license, it does not mean they can bypass the law and extend their opening hours after 2am.

Mr. Takiba said that the matter may soon be brought forward to court if the Top Ten continue to ignore warnings from responsible authorities.

"If they want to extend their opening hours, they have to follow the right procedure which is to have the club owner applying for extension as the board gives allowance for one extra hour extension," he adds.

Meanwhile, the "members only" rule at the Top Ten night club is questioned by the public.

Regular club goers have alleged that the club is still giving allowance to the public for an entrance fee of $10.

Solomon Times was informed that the "members only" rule does not seem to be in practice.

"Members and the crowd of the general public are all in the club on weekends so there's no such rule existing and this is no difference to the past," a young man said.

Asked on what responsible authorities are doing to address the issues, Mr. Takiba said a meeting will take place once the Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board returns to the country.

Attempts to get comments from the owner of the Top Ten nightclub was not successful.

The Liquor Licensing Board is working with police in the Liquor Licensing Department to address such issues.