Central Province has yet to submit a budget to Government on the likely cost of hosting an annual Premiers Conference at the provincial capital, Tulagi.

Senior official from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Infrastructure, Benjamin Newyear, says the tentative date set by the Central Provincial Government to host this year's the meeting is from September 28th to the 3rd of October.

But Mr. Newyear says while the timing for the annual conference is only two months away, the Ministry has yet to receive a budgetary submission for the cost of the conference.

Mr. Newyear says about 70 officials including the nine Premiers and the Lord Mayor of Honiara city are expected to take part in this year's conference.

He says the main concern now is whether or not there would be enough accommodation facilities in Tulagi to accommodate the officials.

Mr. Newyear says other major costs are in travels and catering.

He says one of the main issue expected to dominate the conference discussion is the progress for changes for a Federal Constitution.

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