Protection sector committee has delivered children’s kit to the camp Management committee last week.

The kit contains puzzles, books, crayons, blocks, coloring books and an activity booklet that will help keep children occupied while they are kept under strict quarantine regulations. 

The Camp Management Committee says that it welcomes this initiative as it will ensure children affected by quarantine are able to benefit from learning materials.

The committee says that when parents are under extreme anxiety, such as those in quarantine centers, accompanying children will also go through the same situation.

They say the kit will help to relieve the anxieties of children directly through active play. Parents are also encouraged to play and assit children in their learning, in so doing they will also relieve their own anxieties.

The committee says that during their difficult times it is very important to encourage young children in quarantine centers to engage in learning and recreational activities, as it is a proven strategy that can help provide much needed relief for parents and children alike.

Source: NDC