Prostitution is here to stay, says Police Commissioner Peter Marshall.

Speaking during a brief media conference yesterday morning, Mr Marshall says while police are responsive to media reports of prostitution occurring, they do not "go out looking for prostitutes."

He says the Police Force has only over a thousand police officers on the ground and "they will not chase or hunt down prostitutes as a pro-active stance against the issue."

Mr Marshall says police will only make arrests in matters that clearly indicate prostitution is occurring. He says prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it will never be eradicated in the Solomon Islands.

In recent months the media has taken a strong stance against the supposed rise in well organized prostitution rackets within the country. Allegations have surfaced that there are also Asian call girls residing in the Kukum area, with questionable entry permits.

The Police Commissioner however says that while prostitution could be controlled in some areas it will always be present in more than one form.