Public workers, including hotel workers, cab drivers and shop keepers are called on to be more professional.

Member for East Are'are, Hon. Edward Huniehu, made the call in the second day of debate in Parliament on the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) bill last Friday.

Mr. Huniehu stressed that with growing tourism potential in the country, there is high need for professionalism in service in hotels.

He said that hotel workers need to improve and be professionals, especially the waiters and waitresses.

Mr. Huni'ehu said it is important to educate the hotel workers on how to approach their customers because of its significance in the service they are providing.

The East Are'are MP also pointed out on poor service coming from shopkeepers.

He said the standard set by local shopkeepers highlights the need for proper training on customer service.

They should get proper training on how to serve their customers in order to avoid embarrassing anyone, especially tourists, he said.

Adding on the list, Mr. Huni'ehu also pointed out on lack of professionalism from cab drivers who service public transport.

"When you see taxi drivers pulling up in front of hotels to pick a guest, you see them chewing betel nut and smoking," he pointed out.

He said improvement in customer service will be highly noted by tourists visiting the country.

Mr. Huni'ehu stressed that professional manner should apply not just to tourists but also local Solomon Islanders.