Organizers of the upcoming royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Catherine, say the program of the visit is close to being finalized.

Sources close to the organizing committee says that although the detailed program will not be released publically, it intends to hold an official press conference to talk about some aspects of the visit.

"Such visits are guarded closely so we will not release a detailed program, we can however confirm that there will be a Church service where the public are welcomed to attend."

It is understood that this will be one of the few public appearances by the royal couple.

Dean Davidson Ramo of the Anglican Church has been able to confirm that the Government House has intends to hold the service on Sunday 16th after the royal couple's arrival.

He says the service will also include all major denominations.

"This Church service is basically to acknowledge the royal couple's arrival and show our appreciation to the Queen as the country's head of state."

Mr Ramo says the Cathedral is currently undergoing some maintenance work for the service.

Organizers are appealing to the public to show the same respectful behavior and attitude as they have throughout the recent Pacific Arts festival.