Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has clarified allegations leveled against him by Transparency International Solomon Islands (TSI) labeling them, "misleading and a deliberate misrepresentation."

TSI had earlier accused the Prime Minister of blocking a scathing report by the Auditor General on tsunami rehabilitation funds from being tabled in Parliament.

"I applied to the High Court to seek natural justice, something we are all entitled to, as some of the allegations contained in the report are quite serious," said Prime Minister Lilo.

"The application to the High Court simply seeks a ruling from the High Court to give former and current MPs from the Western and Choiseul Province the opportunity to respond to these serious allegations."

The Prime Minister said that it would be inappropriate to table in Parliament a report "that is obviously one sided."

"To take the report up to Parliament is not a responsible thing to do since everyone up there are political animals, some may use it to score cheap political points," said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also questions the mandate of these civil society groups who claim to represent the people.

"They have been dishing out some vicious and serious personal attacks against MPs who have been mandated by their people to represent them in Parliament."

The Prime Minister made the clarifications at Henderson airport on his arrival from Brisbane on Friday where he had been given a clean bill of health following a medical checkup at the Saint Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.