Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Hon. Derek Sikua has again called on Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo to respect the rights of Solomon Islands citizens and convene Parliament urgently.

Derek Sikua says government sources revealed that the 2012 budget has now been exhausted thus leaving the government in an awkward financial position to meet its service delivery obligation to Solomon Islanders.

He says this includes paying up the second semester allowances of its sponsored tertiary students and debts with contracted service providers at the recent 11th Festival of Pacific Arts.

Dr Sikua says the government's current financial situation demands that the Prime Minister convene parliament urgently to approve a supplementary budget and Prime Minister Lilo must act accordingly to save the government from plunging into the situation of illegal spending.

He says Mr Lilo must do the right thing by not allowing his personal interests to override the interests of Solomon Islands and its citizens.

Dr Sikua says Mr Lilo is spending public funds in order to maintain his grip on MPs whilst organising exemptions and sneaky deals for his cronies for financial kickbacks.

The Opposition Leader said it is apparent that the Prime Minister is only bidding time to present another budget to Parliament in November-December this year and this situation calls on all MPs in the Government to do the right thing by pressurising the head of the government to convenE Parliament immediately.

Dr Sikua says an urgent convention of parliament is necessary for the government's introduction of new or amendment bills as some of the policies of Government require amendments to certain existing legislations to be implemented.