Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua has apologized to the people of Malaita for the offences and injustices that were committed against Malaita people during the recent ethnic tension.

In a public address in the provincial capital Auki yesterday, Dr. Sikua said he acknowledged that Malaitans have felt they are not welcome in other parts of Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Sikua said the public apology is being made on behalf of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands for the treatment.

Dr. Sikua said he was committed to ensuring that his government will work extra hard to achieve meaningful reconciliation between all peoples, as well as Malaita and Guadalcanal Provinces.

The Prime Minister said he was glad to learn that the Malaita Provincial government had commenced some reconciliation in the province.

Dr. Sikua encouraged the Malaita provincial government to support the national government achieve this goal.

"Reconciliation can only be meaningful if it is based on truth. Forgiveness is only possible if there is sincere repentance. Truth, sincere repentance, and forgiveness are the prerequisites for true meaningful reconciliation."

More than 30 leaders including chiefs, community and church leaders met Prime Minister Dr. Sikua and attended a luncheon hosted by the Malaita Provincial government for the Prime Minister yesterday.