The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip has stated that the issue on the sale of the government house at Tandai had already been taken up to the Leadership Code Commission.

Hon. Philip was responding to various comments by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Opposition Office against his decisions and actions.

The Prime Minister says the Leadership Code Commission is the legitimate and right authority to adjudicate and take a verdict on the matter and not PAC's Mathew Wale who is using it to attack the Prime Minister for political reasons.

Prime Minister Philip said that he is worried about the way the Opposition is turning the Public Accounts committee hearings into a political propaganda tool and "gagging" the media with clear misinformation for political reasons.

He further stated that the MP for Aoke-Langa Langa Mathew Wale should not use the Public Account Committee (PAC) hearings and the media to deliver his own judgment.

The Public Accounts Committee also deliberated last week on an issue to the effect that the Prime Minister was living in a government house which he was not entitled to after he lost his parliamentary seat in the early 1990's.

But Mr Philip says the house in question was offered to him by the Government under the lost property compensation scheme implemented under the Sogavare-led Government.

Prime Minister Philip says while the Opposition has the Constitutional rights to act as a watchdog of the Government, it is wrong for the Opposition to use public institutions to further its political interests.

He said this amounts to an outright abuse of public positions, and the country's public institutions, and due processes.

The Prime Minister says an example of this is the claim by the Opposition Leader Dr. Derek Sikua that 10-Million dollars from funds to be paid to RIPEL was to be paid to SINUW, to assist it pay 7.3 Million dollars as compensation to RIPEL for losses it had incurred as a result of the strike which the High Court had declared illegal in October 2004.

But Prime Minister Philip says the 10-Million dollars would be paid to former RIPEL workers to cover what they had submitted to the Government as legitimate legal claims against RIPEL for unpaid redundancy, holiday and leave pay, Long Service Benefit and unpaid salaries to a group of workers declared by the TDP to have been unfairly dismissed by the RIPEL Management.