Prices of local produce has jumped by as much as 200% in less than two months.

People living in the capital city Honiara are calling on authorities to monitor the drastic increase in the prices of local goods sold at the market.

"I was at the market on Saturday, and was shocked to find cabbage parcels normally $5 going as high as $15," a bewildered mother revealed.

Solomon Times, on a trip to the market, noted that the increase is quite apparent on almost all stalls.

"I guess the increase could be due to increase of truck charges to bring their products from the outskirts to the Central Market," a passer-by commented on the price rise.

A market shop assistant, Tracy, suggested that the increase is really to meet high inflation.

"Do not blame these people, its the shop owners who are forcing these people to raise their prices, everything is very expensive now."

Asked why there is such huge variation in such a short time, she said sometimes it also depends on supply, influenced largely by the weather.

"So with the current wet weather there is now a limited supply in local produce so that's why prices are quite high."

"So potatoes that used to be $5 per heap has risen to $10, and it's a huge difference compared to the past."

Responsible authorities are called on to work on a solution to help stabilize pricing that will satisfy both sellers and the consumer.