In a twist of events over the weekend, a planned media conference by the Opposition for Friday night had to be cancelled following a near- brawl at the Heritage Park Hotel.

The incident occurred between the government and opposition supporters, who reacted over the resignation of government ministers, Hon. Mark Kemakeza and Hon. Martin Sopaghe.

The press conference was to formally announce the resignation of Lands Minister Hon. Sopaghe and Mines Minister Hon. Kemakeza.

Two government supporters demanded to see Mr Kemakeza when they were informed that the Member of Parliament was residing in one of the rooms at the hotel that night. The government supporters were quickly forced to leave after the hotel Opposition supporters menacingly ordered their removal. Reports in local papers stated that the police were also called to ease the tension.

However, despite the leader of Opposition having confirmed to the media of the resignations of the two former government ministers, Government House is yet to confirm their resignations.