A three-day Pre-Provincial Premiers Conference began in Honiara this week ahead of the Premiers' Conference proper in Makira-Ulawa Province next Month.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Stanley Pirione, said the three-day meeting will prepare premiers for the conference proper.

He said bringing the premiers into Honiara ahead of the Premiers' summit is intended to enable them meet with Permanent Secretaries of key ministries to discuss their responses to various resolutions endorsed in the Taro Communiqué in 2011.

The meeting included discussions on a draft agenda for the sixth premiers' conference as well as to agree to key issues and the theme of the sixth conference.

Provincial Government Minister Hon. Silas Tausinga has opened the meeting at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara this morning.

The Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening has developed a framework in 2011 which provided the Premiers Conference a new strategic direction.

Since the adoption of the framework, the Premiers Conference has improved in terms of logistics and content.

The Taro conference last year showed the Premiers expressing greater satisfaction with the way the conference was organized.

PS Pirione said his staffs are leaving no stones unturned to ensure the sixth conference in Kira Kira becomes the best conference ever.

Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit