The 3rd Makira Banana Festival will now take place on the 11th October to 13th October, 2019 in Kokana, Makira. Kokana is very close to the provincial capital Kira Kira.

The theme for this year will be "MAKIRA BANANA PROMOTING PEACE TOURISM"

Main activities and competitions
1. Banana in Fashion Show
2. Banana in Talent Show
3. Banana in Variety
4. Banana in Food and Drinks
5. Banana in Traditional Dances, Chants, songs
6. Promotion and Awareness

Some training were held recently on how to use Banana in floral arrangements. 

Organizers welcome the public to join their facebook group "De Makira Banana Festival" to get more information and photos about the festival. 

The festival organisers are still looking for sponsors of the prizes for the different events. Those who can help are asked to contact the organizers directly.

Local Organising Committee
1. Chairlady- Aukeni Mamau
2. Vice Chairperson George Atkin
3. Secretary Joanne Sitai Benedeti
4. Treasurer Joe Ramosea

Makira is one of the most scientifically fascinating banana regions in the world. Even in the Solomons it is considered the banana island.

Makira is also one of the last strongholds of Fei bananas and edible diploids, some of which might have played a role in the domestication of bananas. 

This article provides more information about bananas in Makira.

Source: Makira Gold