The 2009 Annual Premiers' Conference is set for its official opening by the Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, at the Temotu Provincial capital of Lata on Monday next week.

The Under Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government, Mr. Felix Koraimae revealed that equipments required for the conference have been moved to Lata during the course of this week.

All the Provincial Premiers are expected to arrive in Lata by Sunday.

Koraimae said that the first loan of equipment including a vehicle to be used during the conference should have been sent last week, but this was not possible due to bad weather.

However Koraimae said that his Ministry is hoping that the weather would improve soon and as soon as the Marine Division gives the clearance, the Ministry would send a ship with the equipments to Lata before the official opening on Monday.

The Ministry has confirmed that the nine provincial premiers will travel to Lata on Sunday on a chartered flight.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua will leave Honiara for Temotu on Monday on a separate chartered flight.

Prime Minister Dr. Sikua will be accompanied by officials from his office, to be part of the official opening of the 2008 Annual Premier's Conference.

Last year's Premiers' Conference was held at Lake Tegano in the Rennell and Bellona Province and was officially opened by the former Prime Minister and current Opposition Leader Manasseh Sogavare.

Mr. Koraimae stated that last year's conference was a successful gathering of the country's nine provincial premiers.

The Ministry of Provincial Government expects this years gathering to also be a successful one as preparations for the conference have been progressing well over the past weeks.

Mr. Koraimae said the actual program for the gathering is currently undergoing its final touches and it is anticipated that the final version of the program will be finalised by the weekend before officials leave for Lata.