Reconciliation in relation to land, lost property, compensation, and the proposed state government system are expected to be key issues at the Premier's conference in Lata, Temotu.

The Western Province Premier Alex Lokopio and the Premier of Choiseul Province Jackson Koloe will also be expected to raise the disbursement of the Government's $15 Million dollars contribution to the tsunami rehabilitation which has been channelled through their respective Members of Parliament.

The National Disaster Management Office has revealed that the only two constituencies it has had any feed back on are North Vella La Vella from its Member of Parliament, Hon. Milner Tozaka and South Choiseul from Member of Parliament, Hon. Leslie Boseto.

The only MP in the two provinces that did not receive any rehabilitation assistance was former Prime Minister and MP for North East Choiseul, Manasseh Sogavare, because his constituency did not sustain any damage during last year's earthquake and tsunami.

On reconciliation the Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga sees the issue of land dealings on Guadalcanal as a likely hindrance to the process while the Malaita Premier sees the issue of lost property on Guadalcanal as one likely obstacle as well.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by various government officials from the Prime Minister's Office, the Police and three senior government ministers.

They are the Minister for Provincial Government David Day Pacha, the Minister for Infrastructure Stanley Sofu, and the Home Affairs Minister James Tora.

Officials include the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, John Keniapisia, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government Fred Ganate, and the Permanent Secretary responsible for the constitutional reform process which includes the State Government proposal John Tuhaika.

Mr. Tuhaika is expected to address the premier's conference and to brief the country's premiers on the progress of the constitutional review process.

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