The political row in Malaita is finally over, as according to the Malaita Premier, Richard Na'amo Irosaea.

Premier Irosaea says he has re-gained the support of the majority of the Provincial Assembly members.

He stated that almost all of the 16 provincial Members who were said to have resigned have re-joined his government.

Five executive members however, have been replaced with new provincial ministers. The five members were also the ones who tried to oust Premier Irosaea in a motion of no confidence in February this year.

"The members that have resigned and were replaced are: Jim Manewai, Robert Madeo, Willie Isui, Isaac Houiata and Honorable John De'ohu. The others who have resigned under duress, approached me and told me to ignore the letters when the resignation letters were received," says Premier Irosaea.

It was revealed that, Robert Madeo of Buma was replaced by Fraza Bulesau of Radefasu/Kwaimela as the new Minister of Lands and Housing. Willie Isui of West Baegu and Fataleka was replaced by Ronnie Mae, who is now the new Minister for Works. Isaac Houiata of Tae Ward has been replaced by Paul Ina Leong of Auki who is now the new Minister for Health. Jim Manewai of Mareho, West Are'Are was replaced by Philip Taloinao of Fo'ondo and John De'ohu was replaced by Erickson Otia of Fauabu.

Premier Irosaea thanks those who have prayed for him and his government during the situation to ensure a stable political situation in the Province.

Mr Irosaea continues to appeal for co-operation to the Provincial Assembly Members to help develop Malaita.