Premier for Western Province, Alex Lokopio, was disappointed over the non-attendance of Permanent Secretaries and other government representatives at the recent natural disaster workshop.

He said the workshops went ahead without the presence of these important people, who had other important things to attend to. The Premier said it is sad because these are the people to implement the ideas discussed during the workshop.

"Their absence showed lack of care for what happened to the Western and Choiseul provinces and as a Premier for the Western province I am really concerned. If our leaders continue to behave this way, it would make it difficult for the country to work together in unity in future disasters," said Lokopio. "I want to call upon all leaders that in the near future if any workshop like this happen please attend and share your professional ideas, because we also want you to give us your ideas."

Lokopio said that the lack of attendance does not reflect well on the continuous calls by senior bureaucrats and politicians for people to work together.

"We always talk about partnership in development and where is that partnership. We must all come together so that the reality of partnership is truly showed to our people of this nation," said Lokopio.