Provincial club champions are allowed to sign players that play in Honiara HFA league.

However, SIFF General Secretary Mr. Eddie Ngava stated that the allowance is only restricted to players from the two bottom divisions.

"Only the players from Division 1 and 2 can be hired by provincial club champions to play during the SIFF national club championship at the end of this month".

According to the General Secretary this allowance is to give opportunity for the players in the lower divisions to play at a competitive level. He said players who are currently registered with teams in the premier division will not be eligible to join the provincial teams.

The ruling was also to ensure that the players from Honiara league do not dominate the tournament, therefore limiting opportunities for provincial players to get exposure.

Mr. Ngava further explained that local players who played for overseas club but are currently holidaying in the country can be recruited by any club since they are not part of HFA premier division. An example is with former Marist player, Jack Samani who will be representing Auki Kings when they travel to Honiara for the club championship.