A long-time street preacher gives a good balance for people roaming Honiara, according to observers.

The elderly from Malaita Province can be found around all corners of Honiara city with his Bible and tambourine that keeps listeners entertained in-between sharing verses.

His combination of entertainment and Bible sharing usually attracts a good crowd of mixed audience from people aimlessly roaming the street and students alike.

Mixed reactions also come from his audience with some observing that while his ministry is worthwhile, the routine of collecting money from the public was wrong.

Solomon Times observed at one session that the preacher has a cup that is used to collect money from listeners.

Some say that while the preacher was doing a good job preaching God's messages from the Bible, "asking money from the people is wrong".

They reasoned that "when Jesus preached here on earth, He only spread the good news", stating the preacher is using the street ministry to ask money for himself.

But some students who were among the preacher's audience think otherwise, stating "the preacher is doing a good job at his own will to give people roaming the street something worthwhile to keep them busy".

Solomon Times observed that most in the audience were people with no steady jobs and find listening to the street preacher a good pastime.

The students said the preacher does not only base his sharing on the Bible, but he also takes the time to advice young people in the crowd on life.

"It is encouraging for us listening to advice from the elderly who base his encouragement on God's Word," they said.

Asked on the preacher's habit to collect money, listeners in favour said "we could not resist, we have to give him money because we love his music and also interested in what he use to share with the public".

"It is obvious that he is enjoying what he is doing and people are also interested in listening to him everyday," another listener told Solomon Times.