There is one government above the government on earth.

Addressing a leader's forum at the Mendana Hotel, Dr. Jonathan David, stressed on the need for leaders to allow God to intervene and take control "because this land belongs to Him".

Among dignitaries and parliamentarians on Saturday's forum was the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua and wife Madam Doris, Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, Attorney General, Gabriel Suri, Ministers and Permanent Secretaries of government sectors.

Dr. Jonathan told the leaders that every politicians should stop thinking policies but think legacies.

He reminded leaders that there needs to be good examples set for generations to take on in years to come.

The renowned world preacher, Dr. Jonathan, prophesied that in the midst of uncertainty, "God will raise righteous leaders who will take the nation forward".

"To bring sense of meaning back into lives [of the people] will put sense of hope in them," leaders of the forum were reminded.

He added that hope is what takes us beyond hard times.

Dr. Jonathan pointed out that a leader is not motivated by others, but a leader is self motivated and is always moving forward even amid uncertain circumstances.

"If you don't manage yourself as a leader, somebody else will be mismanaged."

Dr. Jonathan told the forum that as one who has experienced life's lowest, "it is important to share that testing time should be met as a challenge."

"Do not go bitter over testing times, go better as you refine yourself."

He reminded leaders of the nation to "give the best of your time to the best of the people to achieve the best of resources."

The forum is part of a three-day Apostolic Revival Crusade that took place in Honiara starting last Friday.

Dr. Jonathan and his wife, Hellen, left the country this morning.