The Police Participating Force commander has rejected claims by a private lawyer that officers have breached the constitutional rights of Solomon Islanders.

"Mr Ashley's broad statement is a shameless act to tarnish the excellent work of the Police" The Force Commander said. "All those in Rove are being held on a remand warrant issued by the Solomon Islands courts, others are those convicted and sentenced to imprisonment"

The Commander went on to say that the Facilitation Act is subjected to the Solomon Islands Constitution. "So there is no immunity in relation to a constitutional claim" The Commander said.

A private lawyer in Honiara, Charles Ashley, had earlier claimed that the police have illegally detained a few individuals. "This is a clear breach of their constitutional rights as detainment is not provided for under our laws" Mr Ashley said. "These officers will use the facilitation act to protect themselves, the government will then be held responsible for possible compensation"