The continous power blackouts in Honiara has led to another frustrating issue - water cuts.

The water cuts have become more frequent since the continuous power black outs currently experienced in Honiara.

Julie Takana, a mother of two complained that with the current power cuts alot of house wives are becoming very frustrated with the system.

"We can deal with the power cuts, but when it comes to the water cuts, we won't be able to do household chores as required. As mothers, we are deeply affected", she said.

"Everyone knows that as soon as the power goes off, soon the water will go off as well. We have power cuts for half a day and usually water does not come for at least 2 days, and this is very frustrating as alot of our chores depend on water," she says.

Solomon Times spoke to a worker from the Solomon Islands Water Authority (SIWA) who stated that the power failure has caused the company operations to be affected.

"Without power, we cannot operate the water pumps. This is why Honiara residents will continuously face water shortage when the power doesn't come on," said the anonymous SIWA worker.

The Solomon Islands Water Authority's water pump stations all around the town depend heavily on the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, and with the continuous power black outs, water shortage will always be experienced.

According to the worker, the company is looking into providing standby generators for each water station; however, keeping the generators running would be a major expense for the company.