As the 'Explore the Solutions to Political Instability and Governance' conference draws to a close today, prominent Solomon Islanders have gathered once again to raise and discuss issues relating to political instability and the lack of good governance in Solomon Islands.

Speaking during the conference was former politician, Mr. Andrew Nori, who expressed that Members of Parliament do not have any national agenda for the people of the country. Nori said that this has resulted in a disconnection between the rural mass and Members of Parliament.

Mr. Nori added that having a national agenda for the people, allows the Members of Parliament to understand and respond to the need of the people. Mr. Nori said that what the Solomon Islands need is a politics of inclusion, whether it be as political parties or as a Member of Parliament or as government.

Mr. Nori then went on to say that the constitution, or a piece of legislation, cannot change the people, because political instability is not about the constitution, rather "it is within the people, the answer lies in a strong desire that puts our nation first." Nori emphasized the need to build a national conscience, one that is inclusive of the rural populace.