A South African AIDS specialist has stated that the country's political leadership has a big role to play in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Bishop Kevin Dowling, who is in the country conducting various AIDS awareness program highlighted the Government of Uganda as an example Solomon Islands could emulate.

Bishop Dowling stated that about 20 years ago, because of the rise of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, the President and government of Uganda took a very strong position on communicating with their people.

The government, through the health and other departments, put together educational talks and preventative measures constantly to the people of the country. Bishop Dowling said that the political leadership should actively disseminate clear and constant message to the people, particularly the youths.

Bishop Dowling says this should also include collective efforts from the churches since the communication process starts with the government but it must also include NGO's, churches and the entire population.

Bishop Dowling says that this is not a template solution as there is no guarantee but this approach has proved effective in South Africa and other African nations.