The Taskforce on Political Integrity and Stability in Solomon Islands last week presented its reports to the 6th Premiers' Conference in Kirakira, Makira-Ulawa Province.

The Taskforce focused on some of the key recommendations of the report, all geared towards improving transparency, public confidence and political stability.

One of the key aspect of the report is the overhaul of the delivery mechanism of the rural constituency development fund or, RCDF.

More specifically, the report recommends that the RCDF be removed from the direct administration and management of members of Parliament.

The report recommended that the RCDF be managed by relevant ministries, through provincial governments, to ensure effective delivery at the provincial level.

The Taskforce further recommends that all provincial governments provide delivery reports on the use of the funds and such reports to be accessible to people of the constituency.

It also says the constituency funds be audited by registered auditors appointed by the Auditor General, and the cost be paid from the constituency fund.

Premiers at the conference were pleased and supportive of the report.