The latest political instability is worrying for the people of Guadalcanal Province, according to the provincial authorities.

Speaking to Solomon Times, the Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province, Badley Tovosia, said that the current Sogavare-led government has been a huge financial help to the people of Guadalcanal.

"We feel sorry for the Grand Coalition for Change Government because of the current political instability, they have been a huge source of financial support to our province," Mr. Tovosia said.

He cites the Doma Project as a classic example of such help from the current government.

"A good example is the Doma project that has been funded by the ROC government, with the support of the current government," Mr. Tovosia said.

He stressed that the town project has only been made possible because of the financial support in the sum of SBD$10,000,000, received from the Sogavare-led government.

Mr. Tovosia said that his province remains neutral amidst the on-going political instability and "we respect whoever wins, or comes into power".

"We are willing to work closely with whoever is going to come into power to further lead our country," the Deputy Premier for Guadalcanal Province stated.

Mr. Tovosia urged all leaders of Guadalcanal Province to base all decisions according to what was discussed at a leaders' summit held earlier this year for their provincial heads.