The Prime Minister's Office has suspended a political appointee alleged to have been drinking in the office and misusing a government vehicle.

In a recent report in the Solomon Star, it quoted sources within the Prime Minister's Office to have made those allegations against the unnamed political appointee.

In an interview with the Head of the Prime Minister's Political Unit and Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, John Keniapisia, he revealed that the officer has been suspended as from Friday.

Keniapisia said that he would be suspended pending a full investigation into the allegations made in the paper against him.

The SSPM has however declined to name the officer saying that it was improper and unfair to do so, given the fact that unless things were proven by their investigation to the contrary, they are still unsubstantiated allegations made against the officer.

Keniapisia revealed that except for the allegations against the officer made in the Solomon Star, his office has not received any direct allegations against the suspended officer.

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