The Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIPF) is calling on all residents living near the Mataniko River in Honiara and other streams to keep well away following flooding after heavy rain in the capital city yesterday afternoon.

“I want to advise residents of Honiara especially those of you living near the Mataniko River to move to higher ground as the water is expected to rise with the heavy rain that has been falling since this afternoon. We have dispatched officers to the Tuvaruhu residential area to advice residents to keep a watch for the possibility of the water rising,” says RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley

Commissioner Varley warns: “Let us all take all necessary precautions to avoid any unnecessary incidents.”

Drivers and pedestrians in Honiara have also been advised to take all precaution as they travel on the roads in the capital as parts of the roads would have been flooded in the past few hours.

“Police will continue monitoring the situation overnight and will take necessary action if needed. All residents must take all precaution and do not leave it until it is too late to take the necessary action,” says Commissioner Varley 


Source: Royal Solomon Islands Police