Internet fraud is getting popular in the Solomon Islands and the Royal Solomon Islands Police are taking this very seriously.

Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, this morning said police have received complaints from a local saying he has won lotto and nothing forthcoming.

Mr. Marshall said the local had approached police over claims that he had received an email requesting to send SBD$10,000 and in return will win a hundred thousand pounds.

The police head warned that this is clear internet fraud and calls on internet users to ignore emails as such.

He said scams circulating through emails has been in place for many years now and people should not take them seriously.

"If anyone happens to receive an email that informs them of winning lottery from Asia, UK or American lotto, do not respond."

Circulation of such emails is said to be getting popular in the country and locals are urged not to take note of them.

Mr. Marshall urged the people of the Solomons not to be "sucked in" with such e-mails and never to give any personal details away to strangers.