The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) warns members of the public to check the legality of any quick money making schemes before participating.

The warning is made as members of the public are lured by unknown people who say members of the public will earn a lot of money by doing very simple things without revealing who they are to the public and whether their schemes are legally established.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crime and Intelligence, Ian Vaevaso says, “There are stories going around in the media as well as on Facebook encouraging people to join these schemes without any clarification on whether these schemes are legally established. The attraction is the so-called rewards promised the public if they do join.”

“With all these stories going around, officers of the RSIPF are continuing to gather information about these schemes including trying to find out who are the people behind these get rich quick ventures.”

“The Police is concerned that there might be violence and crime committed if these schemes do not come true and members of the public do not get what they have been promised. We want to protect our citizens from such schemes and if we are able to, prosecute those who are instigating such ventures before anything gets out of hand,” says ACP Vaevaso.

He adds: “I appeal to members of the public who may have any information on those behind the get rich quick schemes to come forward with any information that may help prosecute anyone suspected of misleading our people. And to members of the public, please find out more information about anyone that approaches you about such schemes and if you are not too sure report them to the nearest police station so we can find out for you.”

“I also call on the media including FB posters not to spread information about such schemes without checking if they are genuine and legal and not mislead our people,” ACP Vaevaso says.

Source: RSIPF Media